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Presidents Report 2014-15

posted 14 May 2015, 03:29 by Captain kranq   [ updated 14 May 2015, 03:41 ]

Report of P&C president for 2014-15 year (as published in April Bulletin)

This is my last year as President of the School P&C and it was certainly action-packed.

The school canteen is run by the P&C and I would like to extend thanks to the managers and volunteers, particularly the co-ordinator Lara, who put in countless hours of work to have the canteen function as well as it does.

The uniform shop has a staff of one, Kelly Toms who has made it highly accessible to parents and she has made sure it is always well stocked.

My fellow P&C office bearers contribute many hours of their time each week to various services we provide. I would like to thank all of them for the support they have given to me.

Special thanks is once again needed to the team that have managed the design and installation of the new Playground. It took longer than expected but the result is fantastic with an outdoor classroom and climbing wall that is being enjoyed by all of the school community.

Waverley Public

I personally would like to thank Kim Eberhard, the secretary of the P&C, for her help and advice. Of course everyone helps, but Kim has been there for every question or quizzical look I gave her. Believe me there have been a few.

Fundraising: There are two types of events that we run. I must point out that the reasons for our events are both money making and raising community awareness. Sometimes it is good to put on events that help bond our community. These events sometimes only just break even financially, but they bring our parents and children closer to their community. Events like the Halloween Disco and Teddy Bears Picnic and Welcome BBQ are days or nights that are not big revenue sources. I believe these events are almost more important than money raised. I would like to see these events continue as community spirit is something money can’t buy.


Other events such as the annual Walkathon are a great revenue source. While there is quite a bit of work just prior to and on the day itself, the effort involved in staging the Walkathon is less than that required for the Markets. However, staging the Markets serves the purpose both of raising funds and also encouraging locals and others to engage directly with the school.

At this stage there is no manager for the Markets. The future of the markets is unknown at this time but it would be a terrible loss if they did not continue. The markets are a constant source of revenue and they bring our community together. I often get asked in the street when the next market is. This proves to me that it is actually an event that needs to continue in any form. Thank you very much Antonella Mangioni for all your support over the last few years on the markets. They have been a success rain or shine.

The Waverley P&C is a small group of motivated persons who organize and nurture ideas and who help the children and their teachers by providing resources and equipment that the school is not able to provide. These gaps include books and services. Each year the P&C helps by a standing donation of new books to the Library and teaching aids. In the past this included the purchase of Smart Boards and reading aids. In the future this will include possibly a set amount of tools such as tablets to use as reading and teaching aids as our world become more and more reliant on the internet and wireless delivery of class modules over the new school WiFi network which will be obtained  in conjunction with the school and P&C.

Lastly I would like to thank all the parents and carers for the various times you helped and the constant stream of gold coin donations to the many fundraisers and events. It has been a pleasure to represent you. As president I mediated several times in discussions between parents and the school and I hope I proved a useful bridge for communications. Thank you for your confidence and your ideas.

I will not be standing for re-nomination this year as, after three years, I would like someone else to take the helm of a great team of parents and carers. Thank you everyone for your support. It has been a pleasure.

Julian Somosi

P&C President