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Message from the President.

posted 21 Apr 2013, 23:14 by Webmaster Waverley P&C   [ updated 21 Apr 2013, 23:15 by Steve Toms ]
I am delighted to announce that the P&C has taken the opportunity to make a significant investment in new resources for our kids. At the 18 March meeting it was decided to support the school in its purchase of materials such as musical instruments as well as updated library and home reader books. 

A substantial amount - $20,000 - is to be spent on new resources that would not be able to be obtained without the P&C’s fundraising efforts of recent years. I’m sure all parents will agree that the equipment will benefit students and teachers, allowing kids to expand their musical horizons through the use of an array of new instruments and to sink their teeth into exciting, new reading materials. Purchase of these resources has already begun so that they will be available in Term 2.

I would like to thank all the parents, friends and teachers who supported their time and efforts in all of the P and C fun raising efforts.

Julian Somosi