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Hot Food Friday

posted 23 May 2018, 02:19 by Canteen Waverley P&C

Friday 1st June will see the return of Hot Food Friday!  Orders are placed in the usual way, via Qkr, and must be placed by Monday 8pm. The menu for Term 2 HFF is as follows:

Friday 1st June:  Pasta Bolognese
Friday 8th June:  Pasta Pesto with Green Beans
Friday 15th June:  Pasta Napolitana
Friday 22nd June:  Mac n Cheese
Friday 29th June:  Pasta Bolognese

Note: there are gluten free, dairy free, plain pasta options!

All sauces are homemade by a WPS parent volunteer, are packed with hidden vegetables, and are absolutely delicious! The pasta is cooked and served in the Canteen kitchen, again by WPS parent volunteers!

A big thanks too all who have volunteered their time to make this happen.  Without them, Hot Food Friday would not be possible!  If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with Elly (Logan 4 Bronze, Archie 1/2 Yellow, Isla K Green) in the playground, or email: ellymuir@live.com.au. Thanks!

Volunteers for Term 2
Pilar(Thomas 5/6 Gold),Sally (Isaac 2 Rose, Hugo K Green), Deb(Ollie 1 Purple), Sharon(Sophia 4 Aqua), Amy(Thomas K Orange), Jenny M (Sophie 3 Ruby, Alfie 1 Purple), Marina(Chloe 4 Bronze), Delia (Mahli 4 Bronze, Hilina K Green), Toni (Isabelle 3 Ruby), Lucy(Milla 2 Magenta), Jenny R(Hugo 2 Rose, Maud 4 Aqua), Edwina (Ollie 3 Ruby, Alice 1/2 Yellow), Anne (Will 2 Magenta, Sophie K Green).