The canteen at Waverley is known as The Wednesday Wrap and, as the name suggests, it's run every Wednesday. So that orders can be processed in time, cut-off for ordering is 8pm the Monday before. Watch this space for details of the first Wednesday the canteen will be open for business in 2017.

The canteen is cashless - we use School24 as our online ordering portal. If your child is a creature of habit you can set up a 'favourite' order.

Our canteen is an integral part of school life, promoting healthy eating habits. We provide nutritional foods and drinks at reasonable prices. All surplus funds are paid into the P&C general account, to provide facilities, resources and equipment for the benefit of students.

Our coordinators, Helen and Ebony would love to see as many parents and carers volunteer in the canteen as possible. Many hands makes light work and even helping out one morning a term makes a difference. Volunteering at the canteen is a great way to meet other parents and to do your bit to keep the canteen viable. Plus kids enjoy seeing mum, dad or a grandparent helping out. 

Calling for volunteers!

Without volunteers, the canteen can't happen. It's simple to volunteer. Choose one of the following:
  • place your name and contact details in the P&C box at the front office, or
  • fill out the volunteer roster via School24 (click on the School24 icon on this page), or
  • contact Ebony and Helen at

Using School24 online ordering
Ordering online makes it easier for canteen volunteers to process orders and easier for you - no more scrambling around for loose change!

Click onto the School24 icon above to get started.

If you can't open the link to School24, please type directly into your browser. You can register to volunteer while you're there.

School24 is also the portal we use for online uniform ordering.

Reminder - top ups
Just a reminder when topping up your online canteen account with a direct deposit please remember to use your account to send us a notification that you have done so. It helps us make sure we don't miss any payments and makes the process easier. Log in to your account and on the left-hand side of the page click on 'Top-Up'. Under '$ Manual Payment' select the amount you want to top-up by and choose 'Online Banking DD', select the date payment was made and click on 'Request Top-up'.

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