Welcome Back Parents & Carers!

The Wednesday Wrap is Waverley Public School's P&C-run canteen service that provides lunch and recess to the children and staff once a week on Wednesdays.  It is entirely run by volunteers.

About our Canteen

Our canteen is an integral part of school life, promoting healthy eating habits. We provide nutritional foods and drinks at reasonable prices. All surplus funds are paid into the P&C general account, to provide facilities, resources and equipment for the benefit of students.

Our coordinators, Helen and Ebony would love to see as many parents and carers volunteer in the canteen as possible. Many hands makes light work and even helping out one morning a term makes a difference. Volunteering at the canteen is a great way to meet other parents and to do your bit to keep the canteen viable. Plus kids enjoy seeing mum, dad or a grandparent helping out. 

How to Order

When:     Order online by 8pm, Monday

How:       Through the Qkr! app which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

                If you do not have an android for iOS, you can use the web version on your desktop/laptop PC/Mac.  It is recommended that you use Google Chrome.

                The website can be found at:

See the step by step set up guide in the files below.  You can also find this information from the brochure wall at the school office.

Qtr! Helpful Tips

See some helpful Qkr! tips in the files below.  The files include:

  • Qkr! - how to register
  • Qkr! - how to add and delete cards
  • Qkr! - how to add multiple parents for one child
  • Qkr! - how to remove items from my cart
  • Qkr! - how to confirm my order has gone through
  • Qkr! - how to cancel items

How to Volunteer

As always, we welcome volunteers to join us for all or any part of the Wednesday (9.20am - 2pm).  Your children LOVE to see you in the canteen, and all the volunteer are super friendly and chilled out!!

Please email or grab Ebony or Helen in the schoolyard!

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